A spirited resurrection is taking place

From the music to the food to the architecture, New Orleans’ wild melting-pot culture has remained potent and unique through centuries of change. This cultural strength – that almost supernatural force that draws millions of visitors to New Orleans each year – would be impossible without a deep appreciation of the city’s history. By preserving the history of New Orleans, we preserve the city’s spirit.

Our mission here at the Eagle Saloon is to restore a monumental part of that history. As one of the final remaining dance halls from the heyday of Black Storyville, the Eagle Saloon is a treasure that demands preservation and revitalization. Because as New Orleanians know all too well, you can’t move forward until you know where you’ve been.

With that in mind, check out this brief clip from Ken Burns’ Jazz. The video covers the innovative genius of Buddy Bolden, and the Masonic Hall, which was located on the third floor of the Eagle Saloon Building, gets a shout-out at 4:07.